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Advice for Selling your Property

Even though there is a prominent level of demand for property, selling your home can be difficult. At Nathan Andrews Estates, we want to make the process as painless as possible, which is why we are here to help you, either in person or through these sellers tips.

You will hopefully find that most of these sellers tips are based in common sense and represent the things you would like to see if you were buying a home. If you are in doubt, picture yourself as a prospective buyer and question whether this appeals to you. Equally, if you are in any doubt about selling your home and you would like assistance from an experienced professional, contact Nathan Andrews Estates for help. For now, and to get you started in a confident manner, here are our sellers tips:

  • Review the market and determine who the most likely buyer of your property is
  • Review the timing of placing your property and make sure you sell at the optimism time
  • Declutter your home to create as much space as possible while removing personal affects
  • Present the property with the most likely buyer in mind, appealing to their requirements
  • Freshen the home up with some general decorating, opening windows and carrying out all repair work
  • Ensure the property is cleaned to the highest possible standard, hiring professionals if you must
  • Do not overfill storage spaces, leave room so prospective buyers get a feel for the space on offer
  • Devote time to the outside of the home and garden area, applying the same principles for the inside of the home
  • Obtain quotes from at least three agents and then select the agent that is best for you – this may not be the one that offers the highest valuation
  • Instruct an agent and solicitor
  • Review your costs, make sure that you are within budget and that you receive value for money in who you hire or what you do
  • Be aware that there is often a big difference between the price a house is listed on the market for (the asking price) and the price the house sells for – manage your expectations
  • Assist in the promotion process – don’t just rely on the expert to promote your home, talk to neighbours and colleagues, post on social media and spread the word about your home
  • Prepare yourself and the property for viewings
  • Let the agent lead property viewings, offering support as and where they require it
  • If you have various offers, consider them and choose the best option – this isn’t necessarily the highest offer, a buyer who is not part of a chain can be a more suitable option than a buyer involved in a lengthy chain, even if the latter offer is higher
  • Stay in contact, make decisions and keep calm when waiting for the deal to be concluded

Selling your home can be stressful but there are ways to minimise the inconvenience and difficulties associated with selling your home. These sellers tips will provide you with a guideline on how to best sell your home and if you need any further assistance, contact Nathan Andrews Estates.

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